Model AMCV
LogoManufactured in Australia
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Advantages over Globe and Butterfly Control Valves.

The Delatite AMCV has been designed to provide a High Performance and Heavy Duty Control Valve for the control of Erosive and Corrosive fluid applications.
The Delatite AMCV has been designed with a straddle shaft which increases the flow capacity of the valve as the shaft does not go through the flow path. The advantage of this design is that the AMCV has a lot higher capacity per valve size than Globe or Butterfly valves. And this will often allow the end user to install a smaller valve size without reducing flow capacity.

The AMCV is also a lot lighter and more compact than the standard globe style valve and is available in both Wafer and Flanged design.

The turndown ratio of the AMCV is approx 150 to 1 as compared to approx 50 to 1 for globe valves and approx 20 to 1 for butterfly valves This all adds up to better control of your severe service process at a better price.

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